The company

GROUP ECOMASA created in response to the needs of Civil Engineering for the construction of walls, responding to builders looking for a product of quality, safety and reasonable costs, and a solution for your project based on the achievement of green walls.

Above all we must also highlight their efficiency and safety. The green walls are built very quickly, and the methodology of calculation and design is amply proven and tested.

They are definitely the best environmental option, allowing the revegetation of the outer surface and integrates with the natural environment. Our supplier of geogrid are an added value for our company, as its extensive levitra experience in the manufacturing sector of geosynthetics and geological studies that perform calculations for our projects, give jobs to our superior quality and guarantees.

ECOMASA only work with proven quality geogrids that have quality certificates. Also we bring soil stabilization solutions thanks to new techniques of confinement, providing a proper distribution of loads on weak soil and base stabilization for paved surfaces and roads, or unpaved surfaces.

We are now also authorized members of International Geosynthetics, IGS.

GROUP ECOMASA is, in short, the overall solution you need to build quality organic walls.

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